An evening with Middletons

I’ve lived in the same city, Peterborough, all my life. There’s certainly no plan for me to leave soon so, for now, I’m enjoying the influx of new shops and restaurants setting up home here, one of which includes Middletons Steakhouse & Grill. It’s the 7th branch in the country to open and one of the biggest yet, seating 180 people across two floors. Matt and I were thrilled to receive an invite on their very first preview night ahead of the official opening on the 8th of September.

Admiring the restaurant as we walked in, I was struck by the casual ambience that had been created. It was 7pm and the low lighting and flickering candles instantly created a relaxed atmosphere. I could already see how lovely it would be to cosy up with your other half for a date night, enjoy a family birthday celebration or cocktails with friends. The decor wasn’t too in your face, consisting of brickwork, wood and shades of red, cream and black, all of this adding to the laid-back vibe. Middletons doesn’t want to come across as pompous and high-maintenance, it is smart, stylish but subtle and wants you to take a seat and feel at home for the night.

Being the very first night, you could sense the excitement alongside a bit of nervousness. The staff were incredibly polite and eager, offering up their own favourite dishes for our consideration. We were seen to quickly and brought cold water while we pursued the . It goes without saying that Middletons is a place for meat eaters and as such, their menu consists of this almost in its entirety, especially for the main dishes. It is split into steaks, grills, burgers and seafood which apart from the latter, is pretty much my perfect menu.

To start with, I ordered the Chicken Liver Pate while Matt chose the Ham & Leek Croquettes, having been recommended them by the chef. They certainly didn’t disappoint either and each was a really generous size with a filling of ham and leek in lovely béchamel filling – a side dish of mustard mayonnaise made for a lovely dip.

Now Pate is my favourite starter, ever, and I’ve tasted enough to know a good one when I taste it. Middleton’s offering was most definitely up there with the best. It was incredibly creamy and melted in my mouth, plus you are given a decent amount of warm sourdough to really enjoy it with. The pickled relish adds a gorgeous sweet kick and brings the three together beautifully.

Being a restaurant that prides itself on its steak, there was no way I could resist the extensive steak offerings and after much deliberating, I settled on a 10oz sirloin steak. It was accompanied by mushroom, roasted tomatoes,  crushed peas and one side of choice which for me was the fries. Healthier choices such as baked potato, green vegetables and more are all available but y’know…chips! That said, the fries were actually the only part of the meal both Matt and I were underwhelmed by. My Mum put it best (as ever), when I send a photo during the meal and she replied: “chips look a bit anaemic!” Quite simply, I don’t think they had been cooked long enough but I will mention that we didn’t bring this up with our waiter at the time and I’ve no doubt they would have replaced them should we have done so.

I’d ordered peppercorn sauce with my steak but actually ended up pushing it away as my juicy, flavoursome sirloin simply did not need it. Matt went a little more extravagant than myself and set himself the challenge of the Prime Middletons Grill which consisted of 6oz fillet steak, piri piri chicken breast on the bone, BBQ ribs and a lamb chop. Oh and don’t forget the onion rings! Be warned, this is a meal for someone with a big appetite. It was an insane tower of meat which he actually managed to polish off. His favourite part? The fillet steak of course! It was succulent and so tender the knife cut through it like butter.

Having demolished his rather hefty main, Matt skipped dessert and opted for a hot chocolate. Unfortunately, the machine wasn’t working that night (much to the restaurant’s frustration I’m sure) so instead he watched as I attempted the delectable Chocolate Pot. Oh hell, what a dessert! Made up of dreamy chocolate mousse, silky caramel, fresh cream and with a shortbread biscuit on the side, it was a rich, chocolatey sensation that makes my mouth water just typing this.

Will we be going back to Middletons? Most definitely. It is our kind of restaurant all over and I’ve already been recommending it to all my friends and family. There are still lots I’d like to try on the menu and you don’t have to necessarily just like steak either as the burgers look immense. This is a great space that is bound to go down famously in Peterborough.

Other branches of Middletons are available in Milton Keynes, Leicester, Watford, King’s Lynn, Colchester and Norwich.  

We received our meal at Middletons on a complimentary basis however as always, views are 100% my own.

Rosalie Horrocks x

  • Elef V

    The food looks amazing! x


  • Oh, this looks heavenly! I’ll take steak and fries on any given day x

  • How have I not heard of this place before, it sounds amazing! The food looks delicious and so does the decor. Glad you enjoyed!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  • Why do I had the impression that you’d dine with Kate Middleton? Forgive me! The food looks so heavenly!

    • Rosalie Horrocks

      Aha I didn’t think of it like that!

  • This place looks so cool! The food photos made me super hungry!

    Have an amazing day!

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  • Ahhh this sounds so good! I love the restaurant decor as well. It seems like a place you could really get comfortable for a meal. I love a good steak restaurant as well! Steak is just so much better when you’re not cooking it haha. I also love the comment about the chips! Hilarious. 😉

    -Rosalie Horrocks

  • This looks delicious! x
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  • Looks like a great place! The food looks delicious! Gemma x

  • The place looks absolutely amazing!
    How I wish it was vegan :p
    Have a wonderful day

  • This place looks amazing! This post has made me so hungry now hahah!

    Darriyan xx

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    I need to visit your town just so I can come taste this good looking food. Yummy!! Great review Rosalie Horrocks. Have a blessed week! 🙂

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    Oh everything looks so good. If I am ever in Peterborough we will have to check this out. I am craving the desert right now 🙂


  • That place sounds nice and that food looks delicious 🙂

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  • Wow this sounds amazing! And now im hungry lol!
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